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Plastic Reusable Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies

Cardboard moving boxes are wasteful. Customers buy them, use them and then have to find a way to get rid of them. They are either thrown away, hopefully recycled or local junk removal companies get paid to haul them away. Dawg Bins provide a responsible alternative to this expensive process. We rent out our plastic reusable moving boxes, drop them off and then pick them up when your move is complete. No waste, strong boxes, easy to stack and save you money!

Need additional information? Call 1-800-712-5865 or email info@dawgbins.com. Looking for a reputable moving company? Visit our brother company Moving Dawgs for our highly reviewed local movers that offer affordable moving services.



Rent Dawg Bins Today!

STEP 2: We Drop Off

After scheduling a time frame that works best for you, our driver will make their way to your location and deliver the appropriate amount of Dawg Bins to make your move safe and seamless!

STEP 3: You Move

Pack the Dawg Bins with all of your belongings thereby ensuring their safe transportation on moving day. Since they are easy for you or your movers to stack, then it will save you loading and unloading time on moving day!

STEP 4: We Pick Up

Once the move is complete and the Dawg Bins are empty, then we show up and take them off your hands for the next customer. When they are loaded up, we will shake hands and leave you with some memorabilia :)